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St. Albans Dental Office

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Probably the biggest obstacle to getting a more brilliant smile are the misconceptions that it’s difficult, ineffective, or unsafe. The truth is very reassuring, though. Here at Rochdale Dental Care, you’ll find that our teeth whitening procedure is actually quite simple, very effective, and is completely safe on your tooth enamel.

When you’ve reached your limit with your smile as it is now, you will come to our St. Albans dental office where impressions of your teeth are taken. Those impressions are sent to the dental lab, where precision made whitening trays are fashioned. Come back to get them and then just follow the easy instructions that you get from our St. Albans dental office. You’ll wear them each night for a prescribed amount of time. The trays release bleaching solution that goes to work right away to strip away the stains and restore your teeth to the brighter hue they were meant to have. It typically only takes a matter of a few days to notice a big difference. Compare this to whitening products that are often sold over-the-counter at drug stores and supermarkets. They may contain abrasive ingredients that harm your tooth enamel. And regardless of that, the type of results you can expect are not very dramatic in the vast majority of cases. And what good is teeth whitening unless you can observe the improvement? The common causes of teeth stains, which include tobacco, coffee, tea, wine, cola, soy sauce, curry, and berries, among others, don’t have to win the battle.

After you have transformed your smile to be whiter, you can enjoy the effects for anywhere from a year up to several years, all depending on how well you maintain them. The sooner you call our St. Albans dental office, the more quickly you can start having that experience.

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